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Cricket comes to North Fulton? Jolly good!

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RapidIT 2016 ACL League Championship

ACL Players of Week 6 - Matches on May 15th, 2016
Division 1 Phani Gundamraj - Manhattan CC (48, 3x4, 3x6 and 1/11 in 3.1 overs against Purple Bulls)
Division 2 Sirish Vallabhu - ICON Monsters Challengers (5/8 in 4 overs against Orion Stars)
Division 3 Murugesh Subramani - Ghats Riders (58, 4x4, 3x6 and 1/18 in 4 overs against Bengal Tiger Cricket Club)
Great performance guys! Keep smashing 'em !

Coordinators for matches on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 are:

Division 1 and 2: Nawin Cumar (404) 403-8720

Division 3 and Plate League: Ramu Parupalli (678) 427-2938

The schedule for Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 is available in Tournament Schedule section. Please keep a close watch on the schedule as there could be changes in ground assignments and umpiring assignments.



The first 3 overs of Division 1 Championship games are power play overs. A maximum of 2 fielders are allowed to field outside the 80 feet circle (drawn from the center point, 33 feet, between wickets) during the power play overs. During the 4th to 15th over, the fielding team has to keep a minimum of 2 players inside the 80 feet circle. This rule change applies only to Division 1 and does not apply to Division 2 and Division 3 games. Division 1 Captains are requested to carry adequate flat markers (20 are recommended) for setting the inner circle.


The wide markers should be measured at 36 inches (3 feet) from the middle stump of the batting wicket. The bowling side lines should be 48 inches (4 feet) from the outside stumps of the bowling wicket. The batting and bowling crease should be 48 inches (4 feet) from the batting and bowling wickets. THE USE OF BAT LENGTHS FOR SETTING WIDE MARKS AND CREASE IS EFFECTIVELY DISCONTINUED. CAPTAINS AND UMPIRES ARE REQUESTED TO TAKE NOTE OF THIS.

The drinks break within an inning should be taken at the end of 8 overs (and not 10 overs).


  1. Captains are informed that it is mandatory to upload the ACL 2016 Waiver Forms for all players before the start of the Main League Championship games. Please access ACL 2016 Main League Waiver Form

  2. The score books of the RapidIT 2016 ACL Main League Championships were distributed last week. Scores entry should be made in the printed score books. If you have not yet collected your score book, please contact

  3. Umpires for the RapidIT 2016 ACL Championship games are informed that it is mandatory for the Captain that wins the toss to immediately (at the toss) provide the decision to either bat or bowl. Captains should not be allowed to spend additional time after the toss is conducted to make their decision.

  4. The schedule for the RapidIT 2016 ACL Championships for the rest of the season has been uploaded. Captains are informed that it is their responsibility to recheck and revisit the schedule for every Sunday till the day before the game day, as changes in ground assignments and umpiring assignments are possible.

  5. For all communications with the Scheduling, Umpiring, Scoring or Disciplinary Committees, please use the following subject line - DIVISION/POOL/TEAM NAME/MATCH NUMBER.

  6. All games of the RapidIT 2016 ACL Championships are to be played using the 2016 match balls distributed by ACL. Umpires are requested to check the game balls before the start of the game. If you have not yet collected your match balls, please contact

  7. Umpires and Captains are informed that certain on field decisions (game delay, change of overs, on field incidents, field category) have to be communicated and clarified with the ACL Weekly Coordinator at the time such decisions are taken or incidents occur. Timeliness in communication is important and critical.

  8. To maintain the privacy of ACL Team Captains, the email and phone number of Captains will now be available and visible in the Pool Team List only when a Captain logs in using the ACL login and password.

  9. Atlanta Cricket League Ground Rules specifying the field categories and the field setup instructions are available in the Grounds section of the ACL website. Please note that the fields are required to be setup as per the ACL Ground Rules. The ground permits are also available in the Grounds section of the website.

  10. The off side boundary for Category 2 and 3 fields start at 140 feet. The distance between the fence behind the wicket-keeper and batting side stumps should be minimum 20 feet.

  11. Each team is required to carry stumps with base. Digging stumps in playing area is strictly prohibited. Home team should setup the field. Please carry a 300 ft. tape and at least 40 cones to mark the boundary and also a copy of the ACL Rules for quick reference.

  12. Score sheets have to be entered by Captains by midnight Tuesday following the Sunday game. Penalties and disciplinary action may apply for late score sheet data entry.