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Softpath System Atlanta Cricket League (ACL) 2015 season has been in progress. 

Team Captains 

As you are aware, the Atlanta Cricket League, took a decision to reschedule the washed-out games of April 19, 2015. Further certain games that could not be played at North Park due to non-availability of the Park on May 3, had to be rescheduled.


All these games have now been scheduled and the updated Season schedule is available on the website. Please visit the website and check your weekly schedule. You may have a game and/or an umpiring assignment that was previously not on the schedule.


Please do ensure that you have updated your team with the new schedule. It is also important for Captains to keep a close watch on the schedule on a continuous basis, as the scheduling team has to make changes sometimes due to non-availability of grounds.  Your co-operation in this matter is highly appreciated. 

Teams are requested to support by updating scores and umpires info on time.

Coordinator for the matches on 5/17/2015 Nawin can be reached at 4044038720

1. Every team is required to carry stumps with base.  
Digging stumps in playing area is strictly prohibited.
2. Home team should setup the field before the match start time. Teams to carry a 300 ft tape, 40 cones to mark the boundary and a copy of the ACL Rules.
3 Grounds and Categories have been updated please double check for every ground
4. Umpires and Captains are reminded to start the match on time for eg. 8:30 am match first over should start at 8:30 am. Any delay umpires are re