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                                 Home of Hard Tennis Ball Cricket in Metro Atlanta

         Softpath System Atlanta Cricket League (ACL) 2015 season has been in progress. 

ACL is selling ball boxes teams can reach out to to procure them.

Coordinator for the matches on 7/12/2015   Pratap can be reached at 4127269508

1. Every team is required to carry stumps with base.  
Digging stumps in playing area is strictly prohibited.
2. Home team should setup the field before the match start time. Teams to carry a 300 ft tape, 40 cones to mark the boundary and a copy of the ACL Rules.
3 Grounds and Categories have been updated please double check for every ground
4. Umpires and Captains are reminded to start the match on time for eg. 8:30 am match first over should start at 8:30 am. Any delay umpires are reminded to cut short overs as per the rules

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